Tree Diagram: Systematically link ideas, targets, objectives, goals, or activities in greater and greater detail. It shows key goals, sub goals, measures, and tasks required to accomplish an objective.

Line Graph: Show data trends over time. The V-axis (left) shows the defects, time, cost and the X-axis (bottom) shows time (minute, hour, day, week, etc.).

Pareto Chart: Focus the improvement effort by identifying the 20% (vital few) of the contributors that create 80% of the time delay, defects, or costs in any process.

Cause-Effect: Systematically analyze the root causes of problems. It begins with major causes and works backward to root causes.

Flowchart: Show the flow of work through a process including all activities, decisions, and measurement points, Control Chart: Help analyze, sustain, and monitor the current levels of process stability and to identify key issues for problem solving or root cause analysis.

Histogram: Determine the capability (i.e., the level of performance the customers can consistently expect) of the process and the distribution of measurable data.

QFD (Quality Function Deployment)  the House of Quality: Systematically explores and links customer requirements to design, parts, and production characteristics.

Design of Experiments: Determine optimal design with minimum trials.


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