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Available for Order:

1. Flat Panel Video Display System
A truly mobile Display that only needs 12Vdc to operate. All video and sound is transmitted from up to 500 feet away. Designed to automatically work with any NTSC signal. (PCs,VCRs, TVs, DVDs, Cameras)
Other signals require minor modifications to work
Uses latest State of the Art Technology components for low power and light weight
Easily configurable to fit into any OEM packaging requirements

2. An Industrial or DOD Grade, sized from 6.4 up to 21.3 inch, Flat Panel,w or w/o Touch Screen, full function PC system

A custom packaged computer for any specialized commercial or DOD electronic use
Drop into customer OEM Equipment or as a Standalone Computer design
Sizes available from 8.4 to 21.3 inch display, less than 4 inches deep
Up to UXGA resolution and a near perfect viewing angle
Any commercially available PC option /configuration can be included

Custom design capabilities for design to manufacturing transfers.


The incorporated Touch screen can be processed with our bullet and bomb blast shatter-resistant technology with hardened resistant properties protection of the Flat panel in the case of significant damage from blasts or from small projectiles significantly increases the strength of the panel to 350 lbs/sq in adds a significant degree of resistance to user damage adds a significant level of sunlight energy protection for outdoors operation and heat management

Several customer specific designs to requirements products are not displayed. Product varies in size from 8.4 inch to 21.3 inch plug and play units designed to operate in DOD air, ground and naval environments. Full design, documentation and manufacturing - prototype to full scale production-capabilities.


3. Integrated Pentium system with a 15 inch TFT XGA color display.

This system weighs about 10 lbs. and is self contained. It runs on an external power supply with +5V and +12V and -12V. The system has the following features:

4. Custom Flat Panel Design and Manufacturing Services

We have design engineering staff located in our Northern California facility that specialize in complete turn-key design, DOD level documentation and testing of custom design electronics based upon the integration of LCD panels into a display system. We have direct experience in the very stringent DOD as well as Industrial Grade environmental requirements. We have designed and used unique video interface cards where applicable to achieve UXGA resolution on NEC panels. We also have designed and developed a PWA interface replacement for the ATX power supply on FPD computer systems.

We have multiple levels of FPD design experience in all aspects of a system design and the associated capabilitiy to manufacture from a prototype to full scale production at our Operations Center in Southern California.


5. Integrated Kiosk Services

We have designed fully integrated touch screen PC systems and integrated same into various Kiosk systems for various opportunities in concert with ScreenPlay Interactive. We have established a strategic partnership to supply our customers with a complete turn-key solution. We supply the hardware with SPIA intergrating the software and user interface.

6. LCD TV Combo Displays
We offer a complete line of Three in One LCD TV combo display systems. Sizes available are 10.4, 12.1, 15, 17, 18, 20 and 22 inch LCD's. These all come as desk mounted or wall mounted. Some of the larger sizes have both mounting features.


7. PATCO Battery Cables

We offer a fitted, cable solution to interface with the Military version of the PATCO battery at the LEMO connector interface.

Shown below with the secure attachment straps. (carry pouch not included in pricing but available)

Offered with Secure attachment: Under 50 pieces: $230 each ; At 1,000 pieces: $39 ; other quantities offered upon request.

Offered without attachment feature: Under 50 Pieces: $200 each ; At 1,000 pieces: $30 ; other quantities offered upon request.

8. Carry POUCHES

We offer fitted sewn carry pouches to safely and securely transport and store multiple radios, cables and PATCO battery with MOLLE pattern. In OD Green or Camo.


Offered in Digital Camo, Desert Tan, or commercial Cordura colors: Under 50 pieces: $185 each ; At 1,000 pieces: $72 ; other quantities offered upon request.


9. Range Frequency Tuned Antenna and Mounting Bases

We offer frequency range turned antenna products. They may be purchased with or without the mounting base.

PN: 79-1845-S-395 tuned whip antenna and PN SMM60-05-B1 permanent antenna mount in stainless steel with 5' coax cable.


Under 200 pieces: Antenna $65 each, Base $30 ; At 1,000 pieces: Antenna $57, Base $27 ; other quantities offered upon request.



For More Information or specific new application needs, please send an e-mail to either:

Jake Jacobs
Technical Sales and
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Customer Service
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