The Lamarjean Group, Inc (LGI) is an American corporation headquartered in San Diego that has been helping clients prototype new products and manufacture them in Asia for over 16 years very successfully - boosting profits and reducing costs, all the while providing low risk, high quality products.  LGI has unlocked the mysteries of foreign cultures, languages and trade customs, thus creating significant manufacturing savings over domestically produced goods - while maintaining or in many cases improving delivery and quality expectations.

LGI handles all the logistics such as finding the right factory, negotiating prices, overseeing the tooling design and fabrication, factory production, quality control, financing, insurance, shipping, customs clearance and delivery.  In fact, you have no need for direct involvement in any phase of this process but of course are always welcome to the degree desired.

With LGI employees and account executives working all over SE Asia, LGI can manage your manufacturing needs from design to full scale manufacturing - so you can focus on growing your business with the knowledge that your goods will be on-time, of the quality and cost expected.  Call 1-888-890-5857 or email LGI today to get started. 



Operations Management and Industrial Engineering Consultancy

specializing in Operations Excellence

LGI has an in-house contingency of business operational consultants with hands-on expertise in design for manufacturing efficiency, operational efficiency with cost improvement, total cycle-time cost reductions and  re-engineering business processes to directly improve your existing operations. Our staff has supported Lean 6-Sigma and ISO-9000 program implementation projects from all starting points of operational readiness from start-ups to mature organizations. 

        Initially our professional team will begin with a complementary company wide vitality evaluation and, using our toolbox of cost reduction assets, we can provide a comprehensive roadmap of steps and actions to improve and grow your business.  Using proven Lean Six-Sigma techniques and processes we lead the organization to achieve optimum performance. 

About the Lamarjean Group, Inc. and our Product Service Offerings

The Lamarjean Group, Inc. (dba LjTech) is a California corporation.  LGI has evolved into a world-renowned operations management and industrial engineering consultancy firm specializing in Operational Excellence (Leadership, Lean / Six-Sigma, and Business Optimized Systems).  LGI is a management and technologies consulting firm with a worldwide presence and reputation for excelling in the optimization of business synchronization. 

Under the dba of LjTech, the Lamarjean Group, Inc. has established a turn-key rapid prototype and manufacturing organization with ISO9000 compliant systems in order to successfully bid on and perform on DOD, major OEM, as well as on small enterprise product design, prototyping and fabrication needs.

LGI professionals provide expert technical consulting services to companies throughout the US and SE Asia.  LGI professionals embrace technologies as a means of expediting the collection and analysis of information so that people can identify, design and implement strategies that enable them to thrive in a rapidly changing global economy.  LGI consultants are business people first, and technologists second. We understand how you can leverage advances in methodologies and technologies to enhance your competitive edge. 

Our experienced professionals possess a depth and breadth of Lean/ Six-sigma technical, functional and industrial skills. Even as we adopt new ideas, practices and technologies, LGI will never stray from its traditional values. With results and returns on investment in mind, we assess how the client company and its strategies fit within the company itself - it's people, technologies and processes.  Always with our eyes and minds to the future, we help our clients reap maximum benefit from their operations and logistics today. We make sure that the infrastructures are in-place to support the demands and expectations of the near and far future. 

LGI is committed to turning strategic insight into tactical action for our clients.  In doing so, we provide them with high-quality, leading-edge, industry-focused, services and solutions, wherever and whenever they do business.  We consider the entire breadth of the organization to develop solutions that drive value added in an increasingly competitive and dynamic business environment.  With a drive toward enhancing shareholder value and EBITDA, the LGI professionals are regularly sought by companies to help analyze and formulate their own strategic vision, to design the tactics necessary to achieve their goals, to identify and organize the logistics necessary to support the plan, and to lead the execution phase - not just present a plan but lead the execution to successful completion.

We offer full service expertise in the following areas to drive operational cost improvements at the clients facility:


Lean Manufacturing Six-Sigma Processes SPC Process Controls
ISO Preparation Services
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Lean Manufacturing

The Fast eat the Slow!!  LGI professionals are ready to help you double your speed, productivity and Profitability!!

Typical results we guide you to achieve from lean:

90% reduction in lead times

90% reduction in all inventories

100% increase in productivity

50% reduction in errors

Fewer injuries

Core ideas we Lead your Team with in Program Implementation

1. Determine and create value in all processes.

2. Use "pull" systems instead of "push" systems to avoid overproduction.

3. One piece flow focus - Make the work "flow," one piece at a time; minimize interruptions.

4. Eliminate the seven speed bumps using the five S's.

5. Use the "five whys?" of root cause problem solving to eliminate defects.  Lean thinking will invariably free up cash, people, and space.

Demand immediate results

Pick a pilot area that's open to change and jump right in.  Line up the machines and work steps.  Eliminate delays.  Slash the inventories.  Dramatic reductions in lead times, inventories, space, and defects should be possible in six to twelve months.

Set big, hairy audacious goals (BHAG)

50% reduction in defects every year

100% on-time delivery

Reduce total cycle time by up to 50%; reduce order-to-ship time to less than a day

Increase Inventory turns per year

Reduce time-to-market by 75%

Reduce costs (hours/widget)

5 Easy Steps to Get Started Immediately

Reorganize your company by product and value stream. Topple the silos and implement flow for your products.

Move machines and people into product cells.

Help your suppliers implement "lean."

Improve each value stream, again and again multiple times.

Right-size your machines and tools.

Our fees are directly tied to a sharing of your performance improvements achieved, not our time spent but your actual cost savings.

CLICK on the link below  to get into the details of how LGI will structure your journey to excellence:

The LGI Approach

A Summary Page on our Current and Previous Product Offerings

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Six-Sigma Processes

There are three key processes in Six Sigma for manufacturing: Focus, Improve, & Sustain (a.k.a. DMAIC)

and one for Design: DFSS.    Your professionals at LGI will guide your team through active pursuit and attainment of these goals.


Laser Focus (Define and Measure)

Purpose: To focus the effort in ways that achieve breakthrough improvements in speed, quality, and cost. Develop a "Balanced Scorecard" and a

"Master Improvement Story" that links and aligns multiple teams and improvement efforts to achieve quantum leaps in performance improvement.

Improve Speed & Quality (Analyze & Improve)

Purpose: To improve customer satisfaction by identifying and eliminating the root causes of problems involving time, defects, or cost. This

process uses data to analyze problems and eliminate their root causes. With laser-focus you can fix the 4% of your business that generates

over 50% of the waste and rework.

Sustain the Improvement (Control)

Purpose: To define and stabilize any process. Also known as SPC-statistical process control, this process uses data to evaluate the ability of

any business process to predictably and consistently meet the customer's requirements. It serves as a basis to systematically improve any process

and maintain the gains from your improvements.

Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)

Purpose: To design products and services so that they can be delivered, from the start, with Six Sigma quality.

Our fees are directly tied to a sharing of your performance improvements achieved, not our time spent but your actual cost savings.

Tools that LGI Teach and Implement with your Teams:   The LGI  TOOLSET

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SPC Process Control

Analyze Stability

Processes that are "out of control" need to be stabilized before they can be improved using the problem-solving process. Special causes require immediate cause-effect analysis to eliminate variation.

The XBAR diagram will help you evaluate stability in any control chart. Unstable conditions can be any combination of points above or below various control lines specified.

Various trends are also considered unstable conditions. Any of these conditions suggests that an unstable condition may exist.  Consider investigating the special cause of variation.

Use the Ishikawa diagram to analyze potential root causes. Once you've eliminated the special causes, you can turn your attention to using the problem solving process to reduce the common causes of variation.

Analyze Capability

When Cp, the process capability index, and Cpk, the centering index, are over 1.0, the process is capable, but most manufacturers require Cp>1.33.

Use the problem solving process to identify and prevent the root causes of waste (usually below the lower specification limit) and rework (usually above the upper specification limit). The goal, is to reduce variation so that all of your points fit within the specification limits, clustered around a target.

Sustain the Improvement

Purpose: Stabilize and Sustain the Improvement

Key Tools

Flowchart:       Show the flow of work through a process including all activities, decisions, and measurement points,

Control Chart: Help analyze, sustain, and monitor the current levels of process stability and to identify key issues for problem solving or root cause analysis.

Histogram:      Determine the capability (i.e., the level of performance the customers can consistently expect) of the process and the distribution of measurable data.


Sustain The Improvement (Controls)

FISH         Step             Activity

Focus          1      Refine the process

Define          2      Identify the critical to quality Measure indicators (CTQs)

Improve     3       Implement the critical to quality indicators



Sustain      4      Check the process for stability and capability


Honor        5      Review, recognize, and refocus

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ISO Preparation Services

The LGI Professionals have successfully prepared clients to undergo ISO certification for over 10 years.  We have experience assisting the firm with no formal documentation of processes in existence and with limited previous knowledge in-house all the way up to the fully documented DOD supplier system that needed to be modified to align with ISO. 

Our team leaders are hands-on consultants who lead where possible and do when necessary to get the client in proper position to be successful in ISO certifications!

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How to Contact Us

Lamarjean Group, Inc. (LGI) is a California C corporation

Whether you are an entrepreneurial start-up or up to a $500 million company, let the Lamarjean Group help you regain or significantly improve your bottom line.

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LGI Key Personnel and Contact Information

(888) 890-5857 Phone

Jake Jacobs, President and CEO
Jerry Anderson, VP of Programs



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Resumes of Key Personnel

The principles at LGI represent more than 90 combined years of line experience in industry implementing supply chain management, process improvement and profit enhancement techniques. In addition to this hands-on experience, most hold advanced degrees. They have developed skills in facilitating as well as in coaching thus allowing them to pass these skills along to client employees in their specific areas of expertise.

Jake Jacobs, the Chief Executive Officer and President of LGI, has extensive experience in business, technology, and manufacturing operations, specializing in process improvement, demand flow implementation, supply chain management, strategic planning and business process cycle time improvement.

Jake is an expert with a proven corporate track record of understanding the client company's unique needs and implementing practical solutions. Since the early 1980's, he has acted as a change agent specializing in the functional improvement of manufacturing operations and business processes crucial to each company. He has perfected these skills in senior level operations and executive management positions at ITT, Honeywell, Teledyne, Cubic Defense and AVX Kyocera. Executive level job assignments have ranged from Director of Quality to Vice-President and General Manager.

In 1976, Jake earned his BS degree in engineering at The United States Military Academy at West Point. In 1989, he earned his MBA from Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida.

Jerry Anderson, VP of Programs and Process Improvement at LGI, is a hands-on, self starting professional, with excellent strengths and successes in start-up and turn-around situations particularly those involving functional organization development and performance. His excellent people skills have been a significant asset in his performance at the executive levels within major companies such as ITT, Honeywell and Contraves as well as at smaller start-up medical electronic firms such as SleepNet and Human Factors Corporation.

Jerry is an expert in understanding the client's unique requirements and in guiding the development of practical solutions meeting those needs in an efficient, cost effective manner. Since the late 1970's, Jerry has focused on becoming a corporate change agent well versed in the principles of TQM, CPI, DFT and in process cycle time reduction techniques. As a senior executive, he has implemented successful process improvement programs at each of his job assignments.

From his years of experience in both the DOD contractor and commercial manufacturing sectors, Jerry has developed a keen sense of what people can accomplish when the proper conditions exist. He knows how to help create an environment favorable to those conditions. He believes "most people are capable and willing to contribute so much more to the company's success, and if companies are to survive in today's competitive marketplace, they must adapt and unleash people's potential".

Jerry earned his BS degree in Math at the University of Tampa in Tampa, Florida.

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